Library and Information Science (LIS) publications serve a diverse community

Reflecting the efforts of an informal group of editors serving the discipline, this site provides a public and easily discoverable resource for editors working in the LIS field. The content you find here has been collected and provided by editors to support each other and assist anyone taking on the role of LIS editor for the first time. Many resources here will be useful to editorial board members, reviewers, and authors as well. The group welcomes engagement from any editors of LIS publications. For more information on becoming involved, see About the group.

Practicing professionals, researchers into LIS topics, faculty instructing future professionals and researchers, students preparing for careers in library and information sciences, and many others rely on LIS publications to share new knowledge vital for advancing professional practice and new research. Editors provide many of the key functions that give individual publications their unique character and value. Their work includes the recruitment, selection, and production of publishable works and often many other responsibilities.